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Ginseng, known in Latin as panax quinquefolius, is Native to Ontario and part of the ivy family. North American ginseng is said to have the best potency in the world, and is regulated by the government making it the safest for consumption.

Ontario grown ginseng is known as some of the highest quality roots in the world. With over 150 growers in Southern Ontario, we are part of the largest producers and exporters of North American ginseng in the world. This is all made possible because of the environment. Our sandy soil is ideal for drainage, tall shade trees allow the plant to flourish, regular climate change and experienced farmers allow ginseng in Ontario to prevail.


Ginseng originally grew under shade trees in the wild, to mimic that environment we use 10' posts, and a black nylon cloth over top of the gardens.


For optimal size and quality, during the growing period our main focus is on elimination of pests. 


Ginseng is a perennial crop that takes years to get to a marketable size, it takes a minimum of 4 years before our first harvest.

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